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Once in a lifetime, a moment arrives when we want to make our love even more special and our wish is to share our joy and happiness with people we like.

A long, white wedding dress dragging along the floor, a large church, guests dressed in evening suits and evening dresses, limos parked on the street, a large hall and dishes whose names I cannot even pronounce…

This could be the dream of almost every little girl and later, young girl – but not mine.
When speaking about weddings, what I know for sure is that my wedding will not look like the one above.

A long time ago I was not sure what I really wanted until a moment arrived when, 6 years ago I saw the islet of St. Mary (Sv. Marija). At the time of entering the church, I looked at Marijan (my then boyfriend and now husband) and told him that if we ever decided to marry, we would have to do it here - on Mljet.

It was love at first sight, between Mljet and us.
I read a lot about Mljet, its beauty spots and its people, I watched transmissions on television, and spoke to people that had already been there. Nevertheless the experiences and feelings that this celestial island has given me are the most wonderful in the world and have awakened something in me that is almost indescribable.

With every subsequent arrival on the island, we met lovely people who accepted us as part of their family. What connected and still connects us with Mljet is not the number of visits we have made (and we have visited it numerous times) nor the length of our stay (which is as long as our personal circumstances will allow us to stay) but the love we have for this island.

And where else but here, in a place that is so beautiful, too beautiful for words to describe, with a continuing unchangeable beauty and hidden secrets just waiting to be discovered, where else than in the place I feel best, where I am right now, relaxed, happy and content. Where else but here on Mljet to have my love witnessed whilst surrounded by my chosen company.

The evening twilight is falling over the Malo jezero (Small Lake) which has an inslet in the middle of it……peace and calm as if we are the only people on the entire island…
A small, almost thousand year-old church illuminated only by candle light, with those I love all around me and me walking towards the altar...
A reality in a fable, a fable in a reality...

With the sound of the sea and waves and the whisper of the trees, far away from the city lights and lit by the stars, we have spent an unforgettable evening tasting the locally produced wine and fish caught that morning, we have celebrated the most important day of our lives and hope that we have enriched the lives of those around us with such a magical experience.

I could remain here citing my impressions and offering my compliments to all those guests coming from Sisak (my husband's and my birthplace), Zagreb, the Croatian Littoral, Dalmatia, Herzegovina, Slovakia and Great Britain, but I will quote only one: «I feel privileged to be here!».

Me too! I also feel privileged to have been married in Mljet.

There is an old legend in Mljet which says that a loving couple who bathe together in the Malo jezero will always remain together.

We have done it. Now it’s your turn.

Ana Koštić